NAIIAE Directors

2013 - 2014 Board

of Directors

President Steve Barlow 800.756.6620
Vice President Fred Lowry, Jr 877.279.1437
Chairman Norm Nielsen 978.823.0012
Secretary Chad Wilkinson 800.356.7346
Treasurer Charles Hock 800.544.2551
Membership Lisa Brien 800.633.8447


Audit Fred Lowry, Jr. 800.279.1437
Automation Mark de Waal 800.523.8501
Engineering Emil Moskowitz 818.346.2422
Ethics Charles Hock 800.544.2551
Good & Welfare Steve Barlow 757.482.3466
Historian Steve Barlow 757.482.3466
Nominating Norm Nielsen 978.823.0012
Publication Russ DeLuca 800.544.2551
Publicity Task Force Lisa Brien 800.633.8447

Steve Barlow presents Norm Nielsen with an Appreciation Plaque for his two year Presidency
September, 2013 Del Mar, CA

Past Presidents from L to R: Bill Langer, Steve Barlow, Fred Lowry, Jr., Russ DeLuca, Mark DeWaal, Chris Wilkinson, Norm Nielsen
September, 2013 Del Mar, CA