NAIIAE Committee Responsibilities


Monitor and be involved in the implementation process of X12. Keep all NAI members informed about this important project and relayed issues to the premium audit industry.


Provide assistance to all NAI members in the field of technology and automation. Keep our members informed of any technology changes in regards to software updates, EDI, etc. Establish and update the NAI website to be a beneficial use to the insurance industry.


Assist NAI members who are involve in the completion of underwriting and loss control surveys. Provide information survey in regards to digital camera technology and cad-diagram programs.

Good & Welfare:

Keep all NAI members informed about other members in our organization. Provide members with up-to-date information regarding variety group benefit and insurance programs.


Solicit new companies who provide coverage in states where needed.


Publish three newsletter publications to be distributed to NAI members and other organizations related to our industry.

Publicity Task Force:

Promote NAI at insurance related regional and national associations meetings. Produce promotional items to be distributed to advertise NAI.