NAIIAE Code of Ethics

Members of the National Association of Independent Insurance Auditors and Engineers agree to the following:


the same high standard of prompt, courteous, and complete services for all persons whom I contact in the course of fulfilling my duties;


accurate, complete, and factual information essential to the particular requirements of my assignments;


steadfastly only the highest principles of business and professional conduct in my communications with the public;


high quality reports which meet or exceed Association and industry standards;


a service to clients that is cost effective and conforming to special instructions;


the authority and trust placed in me to act in a company's behalf, attempting at all times to deserve their trust by obtaining the best information possible;


to the best of my abilities to enhance the professional reputation of my associates, for actions of single members reflect upon the cumulative reputation of our association;


promptly with payment for services rendered and advise members of any delays;


my employees to improve their professional competence through continuous study of revelant literature, journals and standards; and


myself to the improvement of my profession and association to more fully serve the needs of the insurance industry