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President:Mark De Waal

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Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and select areas of Missouri


Insurance Premium Audits, Pre-Audit Surveys, Telephone ReportsVoluntary Audits, Premium Audit Management Service and short form contractors' surveys. All CWS, Inc services may be accessed, viewed and managed 24/7/365 via any internet browser via AuSuM systems technology. Please go to to view our Internet login page.


C & W's roots trace back to 1957 when Frank Chlystek took his first job as an Insurance Auditor. C & W knows insurance auditing. C & W completes all audit reports on Future Audit Software. Future Audit is a unique database application that was developed in-house to 1) provide logical, organized, and consistent reports for our customers and 2) to improve the process and experience for the insured, the agent and the carrier. Experience has taught us that a few minutes spent at the conclusion of the audit to review the results with the insured positively impacts the process. Our exit interview includes a review of the audit summary, a discussion of significant differences from estimated exposures, and any other proper items within the scope of our responsibilites. Your agents appreciate our professional approach. Our current customers tell us our service is "trouble-free."

C & W uses employees, not independent contractors. We will not "broker" your audits to unfamiliar third parties. We strive for long term relationships with our customers and employees. We have had many customer relationships for over 20 years, and most of our auditors have been with the company since its inception. C & W employs state of the art technology in the field and in the office. If you need a service upon which you can depend or if you need additional information, please give us a call.