L & L Auditing Services, Inc.

1515 University Drive, Suite 220
Coral Springs, Florida 33071
P: 954.752.1931 / F: 954.345.5105


President:Juanita Lindsay
Vice-PresidentRay Lindsay
VP of Operations:Bill Lindsay
VP Technology Field Ops:Dan Smith

Physical Territory:

Florida & Georgia


A complete Premium Audit service.


Our main goal has always been to provide the insurance industry with the most thorough, accurate, timely and personalized auditing services possible. We strive not only to fulfill your expectations, but also to exceed them. Honesty and integrity are the driving forces behind our commitment to excellence; a commitment that extends to every aspect of our work.

L & L Auditing maintains a fully staffed main office for your convenience. All field audits are reviewed in our main office to ensure that they are fully detailed and accurate.

Our auditors are strategically located throughout the area and are known for their thoroughness in getting the job done.